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Adam Rupakus Jan 15 2019

A reminder to all that board meetings take place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Susquehanna Room of the Afton Free Library (105 Main St A, Afton). They begin at 6:30 PM. Coaches, Parents, and community members are encouraged to attend and bring any questions/comments/concerns they may have for AYSO. The next 2 meetings are 1/16/19 and 2/20/19. Hope to see you there!

Judy rettberg Nov 21 2018

Do the 5th grade girls basketball have a coach yet, and if so when does practice begin? Thanks

Devin Nov 8 2018

ANY INFORMATION ON THE POPCORN THAT WAS ORDERED ???? My daughter was in u10 soccer an we still haven’t gotten our popcorn

Judy Wright Nov 7 2018

Why was there no papers sent home with kids on winter sports? Who do we contact now that i see that we missed them on here.

Anonymous Nov 1 2018

In search of the phone number of whom to contact to see if I can sign my son up for GRADE 6 basketball if it's not to late...thank you

Adam Rupakus Oct 4 2018

Updated Winter Sign-Up Dates: Please disregard previous message. Sign-Ups will be held 10/11 Afton Free Library 6-7pm...10/20 Afton Free Library 11-12pm...10/24 Afton Free Library 6-7pm...10/27 Afton Free Library 11-12pm...10/29 Afton H.S. Cafeteria 6-7pm (at AYSO Fall Sports Awards). Sports include PreK-6th Basketball/Cheer. Price for all levels is $25.

Adam Rupakus (AYSO Basketball Coordinator) Sep 25 2018

"Costbasketbl" In the last message should be "Costs: PreK-K"

Adam Rupakus (AYSO Basketball Coordinator) Sep 25 2018

Calling all PreK-6th grade parents: Winter Sports Sign-Ups begin this Thursday September 27th at Elementary Open House from 6-8PM. Last sign-ups will be Monday October 29th at the Fall Sports Awards in the High School Cafeteria from 5:30-? There will be 2 additional sign-ups between the above dates, where times/locations will be posted. Costbasketbl basketball (instructional only, no games) will be $15. 1st-6th grade basketball and PreK-6th cheer will be $25. Any questions don't hesitate to ask. 607-765-8664.

Nicole Sep 6 2018

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Sep 5 2018

Is it possible to have all of the sports schedules posted on this website?

Adam Rupakus Jul 19 2018

AYSO has added one final field hockey/soccer sign up July 28th at 11 A.M. at the Community Center.

Devin Jul 9 2018

Is there another sign up for soccer for 3rd grade or have I missed them all ?? An if there is where and when please let me know thanks

Softball Jun 15 2018

Softball schedule for tomorrow?

Jamie Baciuska (Sr. Baseball) Jun 14 2018

Sr. Baseball Remaining Schedule: 6/14 practice at Davey's Field 6pm, 6/15 League Championship game vs BG in BG at 6pm. Players arrive by 5:15. 6/18 End of year AYSO banquet at 6pm - HS Cafeteria, 6/30 team party at Baciuska's 12pm till ??. We may mix in a players vs parents game sometime week of 6/18 - stay tuned for more on that.

Softball Jun 13 2018

Does anyone know the softball schedule for this weekend?

Jamie Baciuska (Sr. Baseball) Jun 13 2018

Sr. Baseball semi-final game tonight (6/13) at 6pm - Davey's Field. If rained out, it will be re-scheduled to Thursday (6/14) at Davey's Field. Come cheer on the boys as they pursue their 2nd championship in the last 3 years!

Martin Pettit Jun 12 2018

Reminder there’s a 3-4th grade baseball game tonight Davey’s field.

Adam Rupakus (T-ball) Jun 6 2018

Important Upcoming Dates for AYSO: 6/13 2nd of 3 Fall Sports sign-ups @ 6-7pm in Community Center. 6/16 Chicken BBQ at the school (Pickup begins at 11AM. Parents/coaches please have pre-sale tickets in by 6/9 to myself or my wife Steph. There will be additional chicken available for purchase on a 1st come 1st serve basis at the BBQ). 6/18 Spring Sports award ceremony at HS Cafeteria @ 6PM. **3rd (AND FINAL) fall sports sign-ups will be held at this award ceremony** Questions 607-765-8664. Thank you.

Adam Rupakus (Tball) Jun 6 2018

Thanks Jamie. Here's the remaining t-ball schedule for both t-ball teams at Davey's Field - 6/6 practice 5-545, 6/9 game 9am, 6/11 practice 5-545, 6/13 practice 5-545, 6/16 game on both main and lower fields 9am.

Jamie Baciuska (Sr. Baseball) Jun 5 2018

ATTN All Baseball/T-ball coaches: Here is remaining schedule for the Sr. Baseball Team.. please let me know ASAP if you see any conflicts at all: 6/6 practice at Davey's from 6-7:30, No practice on Friday 6/8, 6/11 practice at Davey's from 6-7:30, 6/12 practice at Davey's from 6-7:30, 6/13 Semi-Final game at Davey's Field at 6pm (players there by 5pm). All practices/games will be on the main field at Davey's. Thanks and please let me know if any questions at all. Jamie (607) 343-1624

AYSO Jun 4 2018

We are going to offer field hockey. We can not guarantee we will have coaches or enough players.

Wendy Paoletti Jun 4 2018

Will there be a field hockey team this year?, last yr told no coach and I believe not enough girls signed up???

AYSO May 31 2018

First fall sign-up will be June 2nd at 11:00 at the community center. We will only be holding three sign-up for field hockey and soccer.

Adam Rupakus (Tball) May 26 2018

Coaches/Parents: All of the AYSO teams are invited to participate in Afton's Memorial Day Parade this Monday at 10 AM. Please have your teams show up in uniform at the Episcopal church no later than 9:30 AM for lineup.

May 24 2018

Krispy Kreme pick at community center at 3:00 today.

ANYONE May 19 2018

Dear PARENT, I can explain why 3rd/4th grade baseball started so late- no one wanted to be the coach and many people were asked. I suggest if there are people willing to help out to contact a member of the board when signing their child up for a sport and let them know. I am glad Mr. Pettit stepped up after just being the basketball coach. By the way, I attended their game last Thursday and all looked like they were having fun!

Jamie Baciuska (Sr. Baseball) May 17 2018

Attn: All Coaches - in an attempt to keep the main field at Davey's in the best shape possible please be sure to rake the field after all games and/or practices. Rakes are located in the small storage shed at the end of the home dugout. Please also sweep out the dugouts after use as well. If we all do this it will make it easier on all of us and keep the field in much better shape. Thank you in advance... Jamie.

Jamie Baciuska (Sr. Baseball) May 17 2018

Sr. Baseball Upcoming Schedule: 5/18 practice at Davey's Field from 5:30 - 7pm, 5/19 game in Sidney at 10:30 (players arrive by 9:45am), 5/21 game in Sidney at 6pm (players arrive by 5:15), 5/22 pictures at Daveys, 5/23 6pm Game at Davey's (players arrive at 5:15pm). Please call me with any questions (607) 343-1624

AYSO May 17 2018

Reminder: Krispy Kreme orders due to coaches by Friday the 18th.

AYSO May 10 2018

The 3rd and 4th grade boys game for tonight has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled for a later date.

Adam Rupakus (Tball) May 10 2018

Hello Everyone, here is the Tball schedule at Davey's Field: Practices: Mondays + Wednesdays 5-6 Games: Saturdays at 9am Tentative end date is June 17th. Any questions 607-765-8664

PARENT May 8 2018

Can ANYONE explain to me why our youth ( 1st grade - 4th grade) baseball teams start a week before scheduled games? I understand the weather hasn't been ideal but I saw Bainbridge practicing 2 weeks ago. If the board needs help why not just ask? It's not fair to these kids and will discourage them from continuing to play if they are never prepared to compete and don't have fun because they're not prepared.

Jamie Baciuska (Sr. Baseball) May 7 2018

Afton Sr. Baseball Schedule this week: 5/7 game vs. Sidney at 6pm - players at field by 5:15 5/9 game @ BG at 6pm, players at field by 5:30 5/11 practice at Davey's from 6-7:30

Jamie Baciuska (Sr. Baseball) May 3 2018

Greetings, Just letting everyone know that Sr. Baseball team has practices and/or games on Mon/Weds/Friday's on the main field at Davey's. So main field would not available those nights unless we have an away game. If anyone has questions at all please contact me... (607) 343-1624 Thanks, Jamie Baciuska

AYSO May 2 2018

3rd and 4th grade boys coach should be contacting you this week.

Min Humphrey May 1 2018

Any ideas when 3rd & 4th grade baseball will start ?

Apr 23 2018

When will 3rd and 4th grade boys baseball practice start?

Jamie Baciuska (Sr. Baseball) Apr 22 2018

ATTN: Sr. Baseball (5th/6th graders) practice officially begins Monday (4/23) at Davey's Field from 6-7:30... We will practice Mondays/Weds/Fridays from 6-7:30 until further notice. See everyone tomorrow night! Any questions please call me at 343-1624. Thanks

April Palladino Apr 17 2018

Any word on fifth and sixth grade girls softball?

April Palladino Apr 12 2018

When is the fifth and sixth grade softball starting practice and who will be coaching?